pocket china

LujiazuiTianzi pavilionSimcityToy boat #1Housing in ShaghaiYu GardenRiversideTianzi MoutainsLilong, Shanghai

China is without a doubt the most ostensible symbol of a precedentless economic emergence. Its manpower and ability to adapt inexhaustibly set it at the 2nd global economic power rank, and some predict it to be the first at the dawn of 2020.
Today, no one can ignore the position this nation is taking on the world chessboard after the hallucinating Beijing 2008 and Shanghai Expo 2010.
For a long time considered as the workshop of the world, China truly matters today.
China gets to emancipate by reversing economic, technological and cultural flows from one side of the planet to the other. Occidental centennial supremacy is now on out of date, and forces minds to reconsider emerging countries relationships.
While some egos still linger on the past, others join the journey with passion, emulated by the handfull of possibilities facing them.
The unbiased lens allows to lay down a comfortable political and social distance in between the theme of the project and the location of the Occidental spectator.
By presenting a model-sized China, Pocket China serie crystallizes a certain point of view and allows an alternative contact with this whole distant universe.
Far away from an already washed-out consensus, the angle suggested here is inviting to look differently at a country, a society and a culture that deserve a closer approach.

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