about nicolas

Initiated to photography during his studies and today working as an architect, photographer and digital artist in Toulouse (France), Nicolas Noyes is building his personal artwork for twenty years already.
Fully conscious about the world surrounding us, he lays down an attentive eye on cities and their citizens, on shapes and colors that bring a restlessly evolving world up to life.
Through his lenses, he reveals the essence of elements; the ones belonging to our everyday environment.
His shots are spontaneously taken day after day, travel after travel.
Beyond unexpected founds, spaces and objects are decontextualized, enlightened under other times and perspectives.
Definitely accurate on his quest for a somewhere else. He invites the watcher to a sensual and delicate break, made of details, barely perceivable without this media he get to tame.

“Sometimes overused by a daily look, or drown in mass-signals, world elements are living, growing, silently deteriorating. Extracting them from their context allows us to deeply observe them, to re-discover their aesthetic and their fineness, to revive a part of their essence.”
Nicolas Noyes